Grow Your Brain is a mostly oral approach to learning. The material that can be downloaded from this site includes some tools (vertical number line masters, cards, calendar) and masters and templates for occasional written practice. It is made available for the exclusive use and convenience of Grow Your Brain users who are given the limited right to photocopy for the use of their students. It is password protected.*

The documentation includes:

• Samples and patterns of vertical number lines to be printed on papers of different sizes,        from standard 8.5” x 11” for home or office printers to 30” x 48”. The larger formats can      be printed by copy stores offering a Large Format option.
• A printable version of the conversation cards that can be used as an alternative to the more   durable standard playing-card packs of those cards available where Grow Your Brain is sold.
• Versions of the optional Calendar.
• Various slips and sheets for written practice.

We invite parents and teachers to explore the material and choose what meets their needs.

*Password: The first four (4) words on the first line of text on page 23 of Grow Your Brain
No spaces, no capitals. (Subject to change.)

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