Teaching to Intuition

A teacher tries an approach based on teaching to her students' intuition, and a topic that had frustrated them no longer seems such a hurdle.

"I have never actually been thanked after a lesson, but today I was. Many times." 

Edric's book is absolutely outstanding. His insight into kids' mental processes, and his techniques for building bridges between real-world experience and math processing are something pretty close to a paradigm shift. AND he knows how to write clearly, simply, conversationally.

~ Howard and Marion Brady, educators, authors, 
What's Worth Learning

Teaching to Intuition

Through very practical strategies that teachers can immediately borrow for their classes, Teaching to Intuition seeks to address the widespread estrangement from mathematics displayed by many.
Focusing on essential elementary and middle school topics, at that early stage where the gaps begin and where too many children lose ground and lose hope, Teaching to Intuition seeks to reconcile students with mathematics itself. It proposes strategies to connect the facts and processes of mathematics to our children's intimate sense of understanding and helps them see mathematics as an emanation of realities and thinking structures that are already theirs.

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